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Six Reasons to choose for UnitApp
Most Complete App

With our unique App composer, you compose your own app in a matter of seconds. Personalize, expand and complete your App in the super user friendly App Admin. Anyone can now create a professional and complete App!

Sales Booster

The Ultimate Sales Tool: Your App in the pocket of all your customers. Get the most out a business App with proven revenue-generating Units: plan Deals, send push messages and reward customers with loyalty savings.

Your Success is Our Success!

To encourage you to get the most out of your App it is free for the first 100 downloads. It is proven that with 100 customers using the App it will pay itself. After >1000 downloads your app will be gold worth, but you never pay more than € 99, monthly.

Free, but not Cheap

UnitApp offers a high end native App system in terms of functionality, completeness and design which easily participates with the expensive Apps. The look and feel is the shield for your business and the user experience is fully tested.

App Promotion Tools

To make a success of your app, we provide you with an App promotional package. In addition to tips & tricks, we offer free landing page templates, App Store QR codes and in-store flyers and mobile banners on request.

Full Control

Not us, but you're at the controls. The dashboard shows you who your App users are, you deploy Deals and see how often they come back. Your content is connected, no extra work for you. Still have questions? Our Client Services department is at your service.

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